staindsouls arts

The art we have known today may come in just a piece of painted canvass on a wall or normally just in a piece of paper. We’ll it’s just part or a branch of what really art is. People nowadays think that art is almost anything you do. There’s the science of art, art painting, wall art, clip art, tattoo arts and lots of arts stuff. Some artist are so passionate about their job that they dedicate their whole life into it.

Before we go further, the oldest art we’ve known was way back since history was first recorded. 40, 000 years ago, cave walls have been drawn by primitive tribes depicting tribal wars, animals, people, or even aliens or gods. Some also find artifacts about the tools these people used and come to think of it as art. Time came passing by until the golden age of Rome. It was the central city of arts.

Arts which range from performing arts, statues and sculptures, paintings, truly it was an amazing age for the artists. Such scale changed the entire world’s history and made art a different perspective to other people. To learn more about the history of arts, please watch the video below for more information.