The Only Possible Reason for Writing an Autobiography

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Many of us have the penchant for telling our own personal stories and our own points of view even if we are not asked to do so. This may be due to the fact that each of us always wants to be heard and listened to. We got very limited training on listening, but we have been trained from the onset of our life to speak and write. Hence, if you are going to measure the time we have spent in learning to speak a language and in learning to write, we could say that the time we have spent in learning these two skills is far lengthier than the time we have spent for learning how to listen. Yet, in any successful relationship, the most important factor is the ability to listen.

I may have digressed so much by discussing the value of listening in the success of relationship, but what I am driving at is—that the writing of autobiography may sometimes be unwarranted and uncalled for. Yet, if we consider the truth in the fact that everybody wants to be listened to, I guess we can give those people who want to scribble their own life story a sort of justification in their act. Let me surmise, for our own convenience, the possible innate reasons that may prod a person to write his autobiography, and may be after figuring out the reasons, we could justifiably say that it is out of vanity that we write our own autobiography.

Why Do We Write Autobiography?
Unless, of course, your life is uniquely valuable and noteworthy, nobody would ever dare to desire the writing of your own story except maybe your closest friends and relatives. Yet, many people really dare and find satisfaction in writing their own autobiography, hoping that there would be idle readers out there who got enough time to enjoy prying into their dull lives. However, we may disagree and maintain that each person’s life is unique, and thus interesting. Yet, we may be deceiving our mind that each person’s life is full of excitement and colorful instances, for many of us are living a life that is conditioned from the onset by our society. Hence, since our birth, many of us are living a highly determined life.

There may be instances that there will be aberrations from the usual trends in a life; yet life is definitely predictable and hence every life story is indeed predictable. Maybe because of the predictability of life, many of us have concocted fairytales and myths to distract ourselves from the ennui and boredom of life.
Autobiography example information can readily give us a glimpse of the reason why we write autobiographies. Yet, the only plausible reason, I can think of why we write autobiography, is that all of us really want to be listened to. If for instance, a throng of people, would ask you to write your autobiography, I would be readily convinced then that there is something unique in your life that is worth bequeathing to the next generations. Sans the demand from other people, I would definitely say that the act of writing your autobiography would readily border on vanity, and hinges on your innate desire to be known, appreciated, preserved, and listened to.