How to make your name as a Voice Over Artist

staindsouls Voice Over Artist

When it comes to the Voice Over industry, more and more clients are beginning to use voice over recording service online as opposed to opting for the traditional studio rental options. While these still very much have their place in the modern voice over landscape, for many projects online services are simpler and more budget friendly. It’s a tempting industry to look at breaking into, if you love using your voice as your tool and have a passion for this niche of the acting genre. Here are some tips.

Success starts with self-care.

It’s surprising how frequently this sensible yet forgotten issues arises. When you work in any field n which your body- or, as it were, your voice- is your instrument, it’s vital to keep it well maintained. You want to be careful what you do with it, the same way you would if there was a musical instrument involved. You don’t want to abuse your voice with screaming, a poor diet and cigarettes that wreck your voice box. Getting the right amount of sleep per night and keeping yourself properly hydrated will work massively towards keeping your voice in tip top shape. If you have allergies or breathing difficulties, you will need to get these properly and efficiently under control, especially directly before recording. You also need to learn to warm up your vocal chords properly, as do singers.

Don’t just wing it.

You need to know what you’re reading. Skimming it 2 seconds before recording simply isn’t good enough. Read the material and get familiar with it before the record date. Practice adding the intonation and excitement that will breathe life into it. And be aware that sometimes script writing fails, especially when it’s not written by a professional. Things that read well don’t always speak well. If at all possible- and if you value your reputation as a Voice over artist- you’re going to want to maintain the ability to editorialize a little on scripts. In general, it works well for your client and audience too, as it makes the material easier to grasp- which makes it ultimately more successful for the client. Editing is an art, and needs to maintain the original connotations of the piece, so it will need to be approved by the writer and the client, but you don’t want to end up forced into stodgy lines that then make you look like a poor actor.

He who hesitates is done.

No client is going to pay you for stuttering, hesitating content. That’s as simple as that. When you do the test recordings for a piece, listen out for the bits where you are stumbling. Your final content must be hesitation free unless it’s specifically called for by the development team. Practice and familiarity will get you there, so it’s as vital as ever to make sure the content you are reading has been examined by you before you record. Editing can tackle these problems in post editing, but it’s usually an awkward patch together.

Keeping together a slick, meaningful delivery is key to successfully breaking into this industry.

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