Re-Kindling an Old Flame

staindsouls re-kindling

Re-kindling an old flame or getting an ex- boyfriend or girlfriend back is not always easy to do and in fact is often harder than just finding a new one.

There are websites like can give advice in this area but everybody is different and so in some cases the advice may not work as well as it does in others.

As it is so hard to win back an old flame, the first thing you should perhaps do if you are pondering the idea, is to consider if it really going to be worth the effort.

Sometimes it is just the company of the other sex which you really miss and so consider if that is the case in this instance as, if it is, you may be better off looking for a completely new relationship with a completely new person.

If on the hand, you believe that your ex is your true soul mate and you will do whatever it takes to get them back; then you have to tread carefully and perhaps even plan your strategy.

There are certain things that you should try and avoid when trying to win back an old flame and they are:
1)Bringing up the past – Bringing up the past, even just the good things you shared together may also bring back memories to them of the bad things you shared and so try and avoid this. Instead talk of the future and what a bright future it could be if the two of you worked together, first to re-kindle the flame and then take it to places the two of you have never been before
2)Never beg for them to come back – Although many people try begging in order to get back with an old flame and in some cases it works, the relationship will never be the same as the person will think you are weak and have to resort to begging instead of trying to be more inventive. Having resorted to begging, a partner will have lost a great deal of respect for you and that respect will never be restored
3)Harassing them – You should not stalk them at any time, give them their own space but try and make casual meetings which seem un planned and just indulge in idle chat, keeping them aware of you and keeping them guessing as to how you are doing, hopefully they will take it from there

How you actually go about getting back an old flame very much depends on the reason you separated in the first place. For instance, if they thought you were not romantic enough, be more romantic or if they thought you were too romantic, be more laid back.

Don’t forget that you would have decided that this really is the partner you need, your soul mate and so do not shy away from commitment, unless of course, the reason you broke up was because they did not want commitments.