New Cameras

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The most popular cameras in use today are the smart cameras which are part of most cell phones in production today. These cameras certainly have made it easy for many people to take photos at any time and they are readily available and easy to use. However, although most people will not bother to now buy a special camera as they think they can take any pictures they may need on their phone, there are still situations where a proper, professional camera is still essential in order to get a good photograph. Professional photographers will always use a DSLR camera and with goo d reason, they leave nothing to chance and can assure that they will get photographs of very high quality.

One of the more popular DSLR cameras is the Sony A 6000 and like most other DSLR cameras, there are a variety of lenses that the camera can use and that is one of the major points which gives the DSLR camera an advantage over cell cameras which always use the same lens regardless of the subject, light available and setting. Sony A6000 lenses come in a variety and have one for almost any situation. Some of these lenses include wide-angle, zoom and macro, each of which has its own uses. Although the camera on your smartphone may claim to have a zoom lens that is not strictly true as all that a smartphone camera will do, is enlarge the photo, similar to what your PC may do. This means that the smartphone only enlarges what it is seeing which means it uses a limited number of pixels and so it will not be able to enlarge over a certain amount on your PC.

A zoom lens however actually brings the subject closer and so not only provides a clearer photo but also allows the photo to be enlarged far more than a smartphone photo could be. One of the most important aspects of a good photograph is the correct lighting and although the smartphone cameras do have light sensors, due to the available size, they are not very large and so are very limited, only able to take in a small sample of the light available. As a DSLR camera has more space available, the light sensor that it houses can be far more complex and therefore can afford a far more accurate assessment of the light in a photo. As the sensor is larger, it can also allow for photos to be taken in settings with less light. Of course, as a DSLR camera allows for personal adjustment rather than just automatic ones, a more versatile photo can be arranged, perhaps better use of the lighting or shadows to bring emphasis to a particular aspect of the shot. Certainly the ease with which a cell phone camera can be used and its ready availability makes it ideal for those unexpected moments and so is a valuable asset to anyone but, anyone wanting to take good, professional class photos will still need a DSLR camera as well.